Carnegie IGA Plus Liquor is a family owned business that is part of Australia's largest independently owned supermarket group. 

Glen Eira residents are set to enjoy an impressive array of organic and health food products as well as an extensive fruit and vegetable range with the official opening of the new Carnegie IGA plus Liquor.

The new store has been designed and fitted out to offer an extensive range of grocery items including a large fresh produce section, ready to eat grab-and-go meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and an impressive health food offering.

Each IGA is famous for something special – unique products or catering for the local neighbourhood. IGA is proud of its strong network of suppliers who make this happen. 

Our store is tailored to help time-poor professionals and busy families with healthy meal solutions and quick recipe ideas. One of the most popular ranges is our extensive health food section with over 10,000 lines including organic, dairy-free and gluten-free options to cater to our health conscious shoppers. Ice cream is a firm family favourite with Ben and Jerry’s as well as Pat and Sticks products walking out the door on weekends.

Located in the heart of Carnegie, our store has a modern look and feel with friendly staff on hand to provide quality customer service. We have introduced longer opening hours throughout the week, opening at 7am to 11 pm each day, to offer greater convenience to our local customers.

Carnegie IGA plus Liquor shoppers can also benefit from lower prices across the store through IGA’s Price Match Promise ^, which sees IGA’s independent retailers, match hundreds of everyday items such as breakfast cereals, coffee and pasta to Australia’s major supermarket chains.

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